One thing you can say about folks from the South:  We know how to enjoy life.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy our work or know how to do it.  It’s more that we’d rather be having fun.  In my life, I’ve enjoyed many pastimes and sports.  Back in college, when I wasn’t working on my degrees in Physics, I could usually be found water-skiing at Lake Jordan, swimming and diving at the Narrow Lane Inn pool, or zooming around in a car or on a bike.  In college, I took several gymnastics classes, did pretty well with them, and enjoyed them immensely.

In my more sedate moments, I could often be found sipping tea and reading, while the hi-fi system was playing sweet music from Kenton to Khachaturian, from Satchmo to Stravinsky.

From age 40 I’ve been involved with wildlife rehab.  See more about my hobbies and pastimes in the links below.

  • Motorcyles
  • Cars & Bikes
  • Swimming & water skiing
  • Gymnastics
  • Music
  • Hi-fi
  • Electronics
  • Home computers