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4-continentalLike most teens growing up in the postwar era (WWII, that is), I’ve always been fascinated by cars of all kinds, especially the classic 40’s vintage and 60’s musclecars. In another lifetime I built and raced my own car, a “Micro-Midget” (not as small or slow as the name implies). I also built a heavily-customized (sectioned) 40 Ford Tudor. Soon I’ll be writing more about the cars I’ve driven, which are:

  • 28 Model A Roadster — great fun, but no brakes
  • 39 Buick Century — the original musclecar: dual carbs, smooth ride
  • 40 Ford Tudor — beautiful, V-8 sound to die for; heavily customized
  • 55 Chevy Delray Coupe — plain outside, elegant luxury inside, power pack V-8
  • 58 Renault Dauphine 850 — efficient little 4-door, great handling
  • Abarth 750 Zagato “Double-Bubble” Coupe — mini hot rod, sleek aluminum body
  • 63 Lincoln Continental 4-door 430 — cruising in ultimate elegance
  • 67 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon 383 — 140-mph Corvette killer
  • 68 1/2 Lincoln Continental 460 —  can a luxury car also be a musclecar?  You bet!
  • 72 Datsun 510 — smooth, reliable. Paul Newman’s favorite race car
  • 80 Nissan 510 — the update. Ran great, ultra reliable
  • 94 Nissan Sentra SE-R — Nissan’s sleeper pocket rocket, with Infinity 2.0L
  • 98 Buick Ultra — supercharged, sports suspension. Another sleeper
  • The Micro Midget(s)
  • Racing Kart
  • Quarter Midget Racers (for my kids)

Cars I wish I’d NEVER bought:

  • 66 Ford Fairlane wagon 390 — total dog. Engine blew at 500 mi
  • 73 Ford Fiesta — death trap in the wet. Brake in turn, car goes straight

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